From the archives comes an unused post card, or “Carte Postale” as it says on the back, from Europe. It has no stamp and no writing, therefore it is actually “brand new”. I would have to say that the rough-looking bunch posing with a Gearhart Knitting Machine are likely from Serbia and the photo was probably taken in the 1916 time frame, during WW-I. The Gearhart Knitting Machine Company had a contract with the Serbian Red Cross during this period, so I think this photo would be related to that contract.

The upper right corner of the post card is slightly stained from fingerprints. This post card was probably passed around many times, from Emory to Joseph, and then on to Leonard, then John, and then to some of the factory workers with oil on their hands, and then back to Emory. Since the post card is likely from 1916, those stains would probably be about 96 years old now.

So why doesn’t anyone smile on old photographs. Have you noticed? In fact, the older the photo, the less, and less, and less a person smiles. I think those new-fangled camera machines must have been serious business to someone that had never had their photo taken before (except for that guy on the right; he’s obviously a happy dude). 🙂