Thanks everybody for continuing to check my blog every now and then. I can see from the statistics, that there are many interested people out there.

So, it been over a year since I last posted…. I bet you are wondering what happened, especially since I’m still logging on to approve and reply to comments.

The archive material is still here. I have, however, added one more family member, and since I’m in the computer industry, I’ve been working hard to stay afloat in this awful economy. Therefore, I haven’t a lot of extra time.

Sophie Gearhart is now a little over one year old, and she is the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. Of course, I’m 55, so at my age everyone thinks that she’s my grand daughter. In reality though, … I’m doing some math here … so when I’m 77, she’ll be just be graduating from college? Does that mean I’ve got to keep working until I’m 77? Holy smokes.

As I have time, I’m going to try and re-gain some momentum on the history of the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company. There is a lot to say still. I may diverge into old family history, but that’s OK also.

I have recently been in touch with some family members, so hopefully we can share some information and provide some interesting history for your reading pleasure.