November 2010

I’ve updated my Donate section, which can be selected by pushing the button in the upper right corner of this blog.

Its November 8th, so we’ve got one and a half months till Christmas. Feel like sending me a Christmas present for all my hard work on this blog? You do? Ahh, great! I’m on the lookout for nice socks knitted on the Gearhart Knitting Machine, that I could include with the archive. A subdued factory-color would be nice – a shade of grey would be nice.

Maybe even a non-sock… something like a scarf? That would be a really nice addition to the archive as well!

So if you are in the donating mood and the Christmas mood, then I might be a good candidate for your homemade knitted things.


One of the facinating things about the Gearhart Knitting Machine is that its operation was not limited to just socks. With the machine, you could knit all sorts of things. Of course, Joseph the founder and his son Emory the president knew that as well and promoted it.

In the last half of the booklet titled Do You Know that the Gearhart Hand-Knitting Machine Will Knit More Than One Hundred Different Articles?, there are illustrations of forty three items that can be knit using the machine.

I would be very interested to know if any of today’s knitters are knitting any of these forty three items. Better yet, if you have any photos, I’d love to post them!!