I’m tempted to build a display case for my 1925 machine, which has a stand. Right now, the stand is stored away and the machine itself is sitting in my curio. Its not really the best setting, I’ll admit, especially since I’m supposed to be the one most likely to exhibit the machine in its entirety.

So maybe I’ll build a display case… like the one here… if I can convince my wife that its not an eyesore to have in one’s living room. Speaking of where to put a knitting machine, here is an section from one of the brochures:

Quiet and Easy Running

The Gearhart Hand Knitter when in use is even quieter than most sewing machines. It can barely be heard in the next room. Its mechanical perfection and the skill put into its constructino, have made the machine a marvel of silent operation. Besides, it is light and easy to carry, weighing only thirty pounds, including the strong metal stand it rests on – almost ornamental in appearance. While it can be tucked away in an odd corner because of its compact size, it is not unsightly to have in your living room.