There can be more to a stitch then just looping the yarn around each needle and cranking away on the handle. True, you can certainly crank out a sock in a couple minutes by doing this, but apparently, according to the illustrations below, some ambitious knitters were testing the limits of their ingenuity. And with good results, I must say!

Here are several of the Fancy Stitches promoted through the Gearhart Knitting Machine catalogs:

Hmmm. As I look at that nice knitted vest, I can’t help noticing that the model looks extremely similar to some pictures of my grandmother. I never met her, since she died in 1945. But, the resemblesce is very close… and she was Emory’s wife. As president of the company, he would certainly be in the position to have his wife model some of the goods manufactured with the Gearhart Knitting Machine.

Its nice to think that my grandmother was a catalog model, so I’ll go along with this idea until I discover the true identity of some of the models I see sprinkled throughout the various catalogs. Odds are, I’ll never know. So I’m happy thinking that this is my grandmother’s picture. Well, after all, this was a small company in a small town…