The title of this booklet is Do You Know that the Gearhart Hand-Knitting Machine Will Knit More Than One Hundred Different Articles?. To me, it is quite remarkable that the machine could knit an entire sweater; but then, as I think about it, the arms are just a long sock without the heel. and the flat parts are just more long socks which have been separated length-wise, and then stitched together.

The list goes on and on, complete with illustrations. Below is just the sock list. This list comprizes the front section of the booklet. The back section has all the “other” things.

Publish under the label of the Clearfield Knitting Machine Company, this booket came along pretty late in the company’s life. It would have been interesting to see how things might have proceeded if the company had emphasized all the “other” things that could be made with the machine. If I were a prolific knitter back then, or a sponsor to a small army of knitters, I’d be inclined to open up a retail store in some city along the lines of the custom tailor shops we see today.

Here is the lead-in for the booklet:

New and Proved Plan for Big Home Earnings

This booklet illustrates more than one hundred different types of knitting and almost as many different kinds of articles easily made on the marvelous Gearhart Hand Knitting Machine.

Every sort of knitting which used to be done in the old fashioned way with straight knitting needles, is now being done a hundred times faster by the Gearhart Hand Knitter. Not only faster but far more accurately and with a finer finish. The machine is a mechanical marvel – one of the really important labor-saving inventions of the later part of the last century.

It is simple to operate – easy to learn by following the latest and improved Instruction Book. In fact, there is every reason why anyone should quickly learn to produce any type of knitting on it.