Miss S.L. Walker, of Meriwether Georgia, wrote to the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company back in February, 1920. In her letter, she seems pretty happy to have found a way to earn extra money and looks forward to receiving samples and price lists so that she can continue her endeavor. Back in 1920, she was selling her socks for 75 cents a pair and finds “that not a better pair of hose can be made than on the Gearhart Knitter.”

Meriwether, Ga
R.F.D #1
Feb 21, 20

Gearhart Knitting Machine Co.,
Clearfield, Pa. USA

Dear Sirs: –

Find enclosed 10 cents which please send me large samples, of the grades of knitting the different Cylinder does. Also samples of your different grades of threads and price list. I will take an order for thread as soon as I receive your ans. I have learned to master the machine thoroughly in plain knitting, such as “long hose with hemmed tops, and flat web for making many different art.” I am now using the Ribber, but am not thoroughly familiar with the working principles yet. I have made and disposed a few pair of hose at 75 cents a pair, and I find that not a better pair of hose can be made than on the Gearhart Knitter. I have been knitting for our family and neighbors. I also would like to knit for the trade. As I am located where I cannot easily get to the markets, I would be very thankful of you to find sale for my knitted articles. As mention in the little guide book which you first sent me. I have written to knitting Dept. for details, but haven’t receive any ans. Looking for a reply soon. I am yours truly,

Miss S.L. Walker