I thought I’d share the fact that I’ve been pretty happy with the WordPress blogger used to host these entries about the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company. It has worked out well for me, and its also free. Previously, I had a Web Server and IP address hosted out of my house, but I wasn’t comfortable leaving my computer powered up 7×24. I was essentially acting as my own Internet Service Provider, with my own computer, application and networking software, and domain name all running from my home. It isn’t hard to do, once you figure it out. But the thought of my computer powered up at 2am bothered me. I was using this capability for other things besides blogging, but it was the blogging part that required me to keep my computer powered up 7×24.

A couple months ago I decided to go with a free hosted blog at www.wordpress.com. From here, I can upload images and create postings, and everything is stored somewhere out in California rather in my own house. The only drawback has been that I can no longer customize my blog with special effects and styles. I have to use one of their standard formats. Also, instead of having my own domain name, I have to use one of theirs. So, the name becomes www.gearhartmachines.wordpress.com instead of something more unique, like http://www.gearhartmachines.com.

These two things are a minor inconvenience, versus a 7×24 electric bill at my house or paying for a hosted solution from one of the many commercial Internet Service Providers whose business is to keep their machines powered up 7×24. I’m OK with the compromise.

Site statistics have been pretty consistent. Its hard to see in the graph below (which is part of the administration interface for wordpress), but I do note a slight increase in traffic week after week. It is just a couple hits more each week, but I do see it when I look at the numbers themselves without trying to graph it. The largest one-day traffic count was over 1000 back in June, when Kathy Roletter found her brand new Gearhart Knitting Machine (click here).


I’m not sure how this traffic stacks up with other blogs, but since I’m about the only one with a blog specifically aimed at knitting machines, thinking about traffic may not be important. However, it is nice to know that up to 350 people per day visit the site. Of course, I am really writing the posts to record things for a possible book as well as attract contributing stories and comments, so even a couple viewers are just fine with me. Oh yes, I’m also writing some of the posts to gauge the prospect for new machines, but that’s an entirely different subject.

Anyway, now that blogs are mainstream, my postings will continue as research into the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company proceeds. I do, however, draw the line at twittering and facebooking.