Yesterday, I was thinking about the construction of children’s socks, which were under the perview of Mr. J. Emmott Harder and the Children’s Sport Hosiery Department of the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company. Last night, I had a few minutes to look through the archives but I haven’t found the instructions yet. Of course, I’m sure the instructions are there just waiting to be discovered. Meanwhile, I did run across a fact sheet describing the standard “Adult” sock.

Mr. Bengt Brown from Sweden had asked me a couple weeks ago if I knew the dimensions of a factory sock. This would be a sock that would have been knit by any of the 30,000 Home Earners, and deemed acceptable for distribution by the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company. Well, here are the dimensions of a Ribbed Standard Sock. Thank you for asking, Bengt.



In regards to children’s socks, I also received a comment from Loretta to my posting titled Meet Mr. J. Emmott Harder (click here). In that posting, I asked if anyone had instructions for knitting a child’s sock. Loretta has indeed made children’s socks, and gives us some insight into the process. By the way, check out her blog at Its a pretty good looking blog I think, and its nice to see other blogs out there which occasionally mention Circular Knitting Machines.

I will likewise continue to search this out and post the dimension and method for making the Children’s Sport Hose.