Where do they find these children? Here is Little Miss Addington. She looks to be about 10 years old. She has her PhD in Knitting Machines, as do most other little kids appearing in Gearhart Knitting Machine advertisments or residing near the Gearhart Knitting Machine factory or an actual Gearhart Knitting machne. I suspect they were shipped off at an early age to a knitting machine school, where they were taught to make it look so easy and put all the grown-ups to shame. I even have some advertisements noting that a child of 6 years old is fully qualified to use the machine. 6 years old. Hmmm.

Miss Addington has apparently gone into business with her mother over there in Georgia. It looks like she is doing a very good job. I wonder if she is still alive. If so, I should mail this photo to her…


Oh, I just found another one! She looks to be about the same age as Miss Addington. I think the kids back then must have been either really smart, or they didn’t have a chance to get distracted by the blue flicker of a TV screen.