In a previous posting titled Assignment of REFUND GUARANTEE (part 1) (click here), I reviewed two of the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company guarantees. The first was for inspection and acceptance of the machine when delivered to the purchaser. The second was for the Home Earnings Plan. In this plan, the purchaser was guaranteed that he or she would be able to learn how to knit a sock within 60 days, or money back.

A third type of guarantee, for the machine itself, is shown above. As noted, this is a ten-year guarantee against all defective material or workmanship. If anything breaks, the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company will replace the part without charge.

Sure looks like a pretty good and simple guarantee. I’m not sure how this compared to company’s competitors, but as I look through google search results for 10-year guarantees, I see many, many products offering the same terms. It looks like by today’s standards, a 10-year guarantee for such things as appliances, sewing machines, and comparable items is not uncommon at all. The only thing I see better than this is the lifetime guarantees offered against certain durable things like knife sets and shop tools.