Welcome to my office.

Someone asked me about the size of the archives. I don’t have a good number for the quantity of artifacts because I’m still sorting things out. I try to spend some time on it during the weekdays before I head off to work in the morning. Usually by the end of the session I will have found something to document. If not, I try to build up a post over several days of research. It can be an effort to stay focused and not jump too far ahead, especially since I already know how the story ends.

Most of the archives have been unpacked, selectively scanned, and repacked to preserve them. I’m currently going through the scanned items. Once that is finished, I’ll go back in and scan more items and repack them, and so on until everything has been documented.

I have two offices for this work. The first office is where the archive material is stored, as shown below in a wide-angle photo. I’m actually working on two projects, so part of this office contains the Gearhart Knitting Machine archive and another part contains research related to a historic cartography (map making) project.


The second office is where I write my posts. This office is shown in the following wide-angle photo:


As you can see if you have eagle eyes, there are a couple of framed Gearhart Knitting Machine illustrations on the wall. One thing I’d like to do is swap the curio in this office for an identical curio in the living room containing all my Gearhart Knitting Machines. So that’s about it. There is nothing spectacular here other than stacks and stacks of books, papers, and boxes.

I hope this answers the reader’s question.