So, I was curious about the placement of the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company with respect to US history. I was also interested to see who was alive during the years the company was in business. So, I drew a timeline to get a general idea.

glassplate2_500pxOne thing I notice was that John Gearhart (1818-1903) was alive during the span of the company. Having been born when Thomas Jefferson was alive, he lived long enough to witness his family go from the simple horse-and-buggy farming life way out in the country, all the way to the first automobile, successful business ownership, and prominence in the town of Clearfield. In fact, I wonder what he thought as he watched his son Joseph become so successful as an inventor and business owner.

I have a glass plate photo of John Gearhart, shown here. It is the oldest item in the archives, and dates from about 1855.

This is probably not much interest to the general public, but I think a timeline is useful for getting a perspective on where the company fit into the country’s history. Now that I’ve got the placment of the company, I will see if I can zoom into the 37 years between 1888 and 1925, and put together a more detailed timeline on this.

One encouraging thing to note from the timeline is that Joseph didn’t start the company until the last half of his life. So, there may be hope for those of us who are likewise more than halfway done with things.