So, who says you can’t have fun at work? Amongst the thousands and thousands of socks sent in to the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company by the 30,000 Home Earners, I may have found the perfect sock.

The photo below is otherwise unremarkable. It shows the administrative office up on the 3rd floor of the factory. Among other activities, one of the things that went on here was a thorough critique of the skills of the Home Earner in producing a sock which was good enough for distribution to the retail department stores across the country. Good socks were packed and shipped, and bad socks were sent to the scrap pile along with a note to the Home Earner explaining the reason for rejection.


It appears that somewhere along the line, someone may have sent in a very noteworthy sock. This sock was either the most beautiful sock ever produced, or quite possibly had some other special quality which qualified it for a spot on the wall, as shown below. I don’t know. The photo is black and white. Maybe it is was multi-colored sock? Anyway, it looks like the workers at the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company preferred sock-hangings over framed pictures. Its also looks like these were normal everyday people back in the 1920’s, just like today. The 1920’s isn’t really that far back in time, is it? I guess that anyone today over the age of 50 would not consider the 1920’s as ancient history. In fact I know a few that are still living, that were also alive and well (and very young) back then.