notgearhartThere was a machine on ebay, which just closed out early with a Buy It Now bid. The seller originally put a $499 Buy It Now price, then removed the item and relisted it with a $299 Buy It Now price. Someone then bought it. The seller also advertised the item with the following title: Rare People’s High Speed Sock Knitting Machine Gearhart. This machine caught my eye because I saw another one just like it on ebay a couple years ago.

Here is the link to the listing, which is item 280361913913 ( click here).

Is this really a Gearhart Knitting Machine? I have no ads whatsoever illustrating this machine, nor do the patent diagrams show anything similar to the ribber or handle in the photo. The handle is very distinctive. Its got a counterweight on one end, and this weight has been cast at an angle. I would normally dismiss this as a missed identification by the seller, but the other machine I saw on ebay also had the same handle, and it was also advertised as a Gearhart Knitting Machine. So, for some reason, this type of machine has now been identified twice as a Gearhart Knitting Machine.

Can anyone confirm whether this is a Gearhart Knitting Machine?