Here are two photos of the inside of the Gearhart Knitting Machine factory, where the incoming hosiery was inspected and packed into boxes to be shipped to retailers across the country. It looks like a pretty efficient operation, with everyone busily going about their duties.

This is a photo of the Packing Room. It is somewhat different than the marketing photos taken in my earlier post titled From Receiving Room to Shipping (click here), which showed a large counter with shelves in the background. That’s probably the front desk, which was not nearly large enough to handle all the incoming work. Alternately, the two photos below are likely the back room where all the work was done. I see mountains of socks and mountains of boxes; well over 1000 pairs of socks as I zoom in and take a estimate.




The interesting part about this zoomed-in photo is the woman measuring the socks. There was a separate Inspection Room and a Shaping and Pressing Department, where the socks were sorted and formed to meet an consistent measurement. I’m not sure why she is re-measuring the sock in the Packing Room. This might possibly be the last quality control check before everything gets packed up. The socks definitely do look consistently the same, in spite of the fact they have arrived from all across the country, from over 30,000 Home Earners.