This is the back of the cover page for one of the Gearhart Home Earnings Plan brochures. The front of the cover page contains factory photos, which I showed in an earlier post titled From Receiving Room to Shipping (click here).

The Gearhart Knitting Machine Company published many brochures over its 37 year history. In fact, I suspect there are many more out there than I have in the archives, since I keep running across new ones from the newsgroup members. I would be very happy to hear from anyone with Gearhart Knitting Machine brochures, in case there is some new information.


The diagram sequence shown below makes it sound so easy. If you can grind coffee, then you should have no trouble knitting a sock, or so the description says. Personally, I’m OK with grinding coffee, but I’m not sure I want anyone looking over my shoulder while I make a sock.

Here is the official sequence for making a sock. I think the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company is making it sound too easy, even to the point of noting in other brochures that an eight year old has mastered it. They even published her picture. I think they forgot to mention the very large and detailed instruction manual that ships with the machine and the fact that they make you go through a rigorous process in order to become a Home Earner. I found a number on a tabulated list the other day showing that 11% of all hosiery sent in was rejected. So, even though it might be easy to make any old sock, its not that easy to make the perfect sock.

Starting the Top s1_300px
Running the Leg s2_300px
Rounding the Heel and Toe s3_300px.
Running the Foot s4_300px
Finishing s5_300px