This is the cover page for the Gearhart Home Earnings Plan brochure. It is a large, double-sided foldout describing how the plan works. I especially like the photos which accompany the description about receiving hosiery from the Home Earners and preparing them for shipment to the department stores.


The lead-in, printed on the first flap of the foldout just under the illustration of the factory, is as follows:

After you ship your knitted Allwear Hose, we must do five things to prepare them for their market in hundreds of the biggest and best Department and Men’s Furnishings Stores. Come with us on a trip through the plant as pictured.

homeearningplan1_300pxThe Gearhart Receiving Room: Every day hundreds and hundreds of pairs of Allwear Hose come in from Gearhart home earners. From every part of the country they come – this from New England, that from Texas, here’s one from Carolina, and the next perhaps from Montana.

homeearningplan2_300pxThe Inspection Room at Gearhart’s: Each pair must be carefully inspected and counted, and a correct check sent to the Home Earner, with the exact weight in Free Replacement yarn. We Make it a rule to send these pay checks back by return mail – no matter how many shipments come in.

homeearningplan3_300pxGearhart’s Shaping and Pressing Department: In order that each pair be uniform in shape and size, it must be placed on to shapers and pressed with steam into permanent shape. This gives them that smooth, beautiful appearance which adds to much to the popularity of Home Knit Allwear Hose.

homeearningplan4_300pxGearhart’s Packing Room: Fine Department Stores want to sell their Hose nicely put up in neat cardboard boxes. So here you see us busily packing the Allwear Hose, six pair at a time, in handsomely printed containers, which will adorn the shelves of the better
class stores all over the country.

homeearningplan5_300pxBusy Shipping Room in Gearhart’s Plant: Thousands of pairs at a time – all neatly packed in half-dozen containers – are shipped in trim wooden cases. High grade stores all over the country are finding that fashionable men are demanding such stylish hose which combine beauty with warmth and comfort for wear throughout practically the whole year.