daysintrenchesWhen you are stuck in a cold, muddy trench in the mountains of Serbia with no way out, and incoming shells are falling all around you, there is nothing like a nice warm pair of 5 ply socks. During World War I, the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company issued a special supplement to their instruction manual which gave a step-by-step procedure for making medium sized socks with 4 and 5 Ply Worsted yarns.

Back in the old days, 4 and 5 ply yarns were used to produce bulky things, like afghans, sweaters, and in this case, socks. Unlike today, where ply yarns come in all different weights, the original 4 and 5 ply yarn was real heavy stuff. And so, it took some extra instructions to produce these very heavy socks needed by the soldiers. These instructions were recently sent in by Adele, one of the CSM newsgroup members. Thank you very much Adele. You can click here to load the instructions.