I haven’t found any Inspected By or Calibrated tags in the archive yet, but perhaps that’s just a recent development in the way the world has evolved. Nevertheless, the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company did put each machine through an assembly, quality control, and calibration process prior to shipment.

Each machine was bench-tested and shipped with a properly knitted sample in the cylinder. In this photo, we see inspectors doing just that.


It sure is nice to see shiny new machines. The polished surface of the Cam Shell looks almost like a mirror. With those old-style Thomas Edison light bulbs hanging overhead, and a nice solid wooden workbench, this photo looks like an image right out of the history books. Judging by the type of machine, it was taken sometime after 1922. Hmmm. I just zoomed in to the oil can. I think I have that can sitting on the self in the workshop right now!