The Gearhart Knitting Machine Company had two businesses. The first was the manufacture and sale of the Gearhart Knitting Machine. The second was the sale of hosiery to department stores. The company supplied the hosiery needs of many departments stores from their inventories supplied by over 30,000 Home Earners across the country, who where busy knitting hosiery on machines purchased from the company.

ordersoutsock_200pxAs one statment said – The finest grade of pure worsted wool yarns knit to your order. Ladies’ full length and Men’s Half Hose, Children’s 3/4 Roll Down, Golf Socks and Sport Hose. Reasonably Priced and Knit to Fit. All these types of hosiery were shipped throughout the year, but mostly during the Christmas season.

I ran across the following list of customers scheduled to recieve Wooladdie Hosiery, which is a particular style of hosiery (more on this later). This is just a small list for one batch of hosiery. There were more customers at other times, but this list is a fair representation of some of the different customers and quantities. The largest order is for 1000 dozen, for Lettig & Co. I’m not familiar with this company, but the second largest order of 200 dozen is for Lord & Taylor, which is alive and well today.


The copy is a little hard to read, so here is the list as I zoom in:

Lord & Taylor
Roos Brothers
Daniels & Pisher
Marshall Field
Carson Pirie Scott
A. A. Shipiro
Jos. T. Mullins
A. Starr Best
Albert Elkus
McLean Brothers
Albert Steiger
The Hartwell
Delap Co
The Munsie Co
Davis Savard
Jonas Sondheims
A. T. Gallup
B. Peck & Co
M. L. Rothschild
Lincoln Knitting Mills
G. Fox
Hub - Wilkesbarre
Samters - Scranton
Lippman Wolfe - Portland
Best & Co
Leopold & Bigley
Frederick Nelson
McDougall Southw...
Lettig & Co
C. H. W. Weise
Steward Hosiery
E. W. Cloth
Raphael Weill

For the largest order, I’m not sure if I have Lettig spelled correctly because I can’t seem to find any information on this company. Is anyone familiar with this company?