During World War One, the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company shipped many machines to the Red Cross. The extent to which the company was involved in the war effort is the subject of one of my continuing searches for information. I am slowly uncovering bits and pieces, and hope to someday have an accurate story.

To begin, here is a photo of a WWI shipment of machines. This particular shipment appears to have about 60 machines loaded onto the two sleds, which are likely US Mail sleds. Early records indicate there were thousands of machines shipped during the war years, so this would be one of many shipments. It is obviously a winter photo, and these are horse-drawn sleds. If you look closely, you can see a horse’s feet behind the rear of the front sled.


The two men are holding a sign that clearly says War Order. I’ve zoomed and sharpened much closer than the image below, until I can almost, but not quite, make out the second line of information. I think there are at least two words here. I think the word to the right might say 1918, but I cannot make out the word (or words) to the left. I’m probably trying too hard. Care to give it a try?


If you have any information related to the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company’s involvement in the WWI effort, I would very much like to hear from you.