Emory Gearhart noted this letter from Ida Myers as the “Best Testimonial Ever. Read and Frame“. It is quite impressive, because it comes from a blind person who is proficient in operating the Gearhart Knitting Machine. There is definitely something to be said for patience and persistence. Here is the letter exchange:


May 25th, 1922
Ida Myers,
Ash Flat, Ark.

Dear Madam:

We believe satisfactory arrangements can be made if at any time you wish to discontinue the work. The yarn is $2.50 per Lb. Many of our customers get 5 or 10 Lbs.

Will you please tell us if a blind person in your acquaintence is operating one of our machines? Please use the enclosed envelope in reply to above.

Thanking you, we are,
Yours Sincerely,

Ash Flat, Ark.

Dear Sirs:

You wished to know if a blink person of my acquaintance was operating one of your machines. Yes.

Although I had never mentioned the fact, I am the blind person who is operating your machine. When I ordered it, I had never seen a knitting machine, but the instructions were so simple I soon learned the working of the machine.

My friends and relatives were skeptical about me learning to use the machine. But without sight I do all the work even to putting on the stitches which is the most difficult part for me. I like the work and believe in the work and straight honesty of your Co.

So I guess you will be surprized to know that I myself am the blind person who is working for you. I didn’t tell you before because I was afraid you would be like my friends and think I couldn’t do the work and I wanted to prove to you that I could do it.

I was educated in the arkansas school for the blind. Yours for success.

Miss Ida Myers