In 1910, Joseph Gearhart and his son Emory took a trip to Chicago. While there, they had some studio photos made which were later reproduced. Here are the photos. Joseph is to the right, and Emory is below.

Joseph would have been fifty three and Emory would have been twenty two. During this time, Joseph still ran the company, but was probably thinking about turning it over to Emory, which happened two years later in 1912.

I’ve seen this photo of Joseph several times, so it must have been distributed to the newspapers as well as within the company. I haven’t seen the photo of Emory in the newspapers, but since both photos were taken at the same time, I suspect that I just haven’t looked hard enough.


It is interesting to note that in all the company material, I can find very few photos of the Gearhart’s. I see many photos of the employees, and everywhere you look there are artist’s illustrations and photos of the Home Earners in some sort of scene centered around a machine or a project. I can only conclude the Joseph and Emory worked behind the scenes photo-wise, perferring publicity shots centered around the company, employees, and Home Earners.

I have several other family photos which may be of interest, and will post some of them if relevant to the company’s history.