It wasn’t until 1923 that the Gearhart Knitting Machine Stand first made an appearance. This seems odd, considering that it is such a simple idea. But then, no other competitor had a Stand, and therefore this was the only one of its kind ever made. I suspect none of the 200,000 Gearhart Knitting Machine owners ever asked for one, and the idea for Stand originated in-house. Otherwise, by popular demand we would probably have seen a Stand much earlier.

The order form below notes that the Stand could be used with any Gearhart Knitter. This would be true for any knitter going back 20 years. Before that, the cylinder crank mechanism would not have been compatible.

If you had $5.00 in 1923, you could order this Stand along with any other spare parts as well as a complete line of yarn at a rate of $2.50 per lb. delivered. The Company made supplies pretty affordable, since it was to their advantage to promote the Home Earnings business. Even when measured in today’s dollars, $50.00 for the Stand and $25 per lb. for yarn is not a bad price considering that certain types of equivalent worsted yarn today can range over $100 per lb.