candlestickphoneHere is a group photo of the Gearhart Knitting Machine Company management team, taken in 1922. We see the standard Western Electric candlestick phones on the desk, as well as all the other normal paperwork typical for a company photo. Everyone looks well dressed and groomed, and they all come to work wearing suits, ties, and hats. Clearfield was actually a fairly large and sophisticated town, and a center for mining, timber, and manufacturing interests. So, it would not have been unusual to feel as if you were in a city where people presented themselves with an air of formality.


The management team was up on the 3rd floor of the factory, which is where the administrative offices were located. I recognize Mr. Frank Myers to the far left. He was one of Emory’s best friends, and my father said that they shared some good hunting trips together.

inkwellThere are two managers not shown in the photo, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Harder. Mr. Bennett was in charge of all correspondence regarding the approval of hosiery submitted by the home earners, and Mr. Harder supervised machine manufacturing and the children’s hosiery department (which he originated and which was very profitable). There were actually two businesses, machine manufacturing and hosiery purchase and re-sale to department stores like Sears and Macys, so both men had pretty important jobs. Emory wrote the names of everyone on the bottom of the photo, in the margin. However, he used an ink-well pen which is notorious for not making a fine line. These pens were still common as late as 1922, as evidenced by the wells in the lower left corner of the photo. His handwriting wasn’t that great either, so I’ve been having trouble making out all the letters. If I can get another source of names, then I will match up the spelling and put names to faces.

pbrOh yes. Also missing from the photo are the owners of the company, Joseph, John, and Emory Gearhart. One more thing. That young man just left of center is holding Papst Blue Ribbon beer advertisement. Yes, I am now asking the same question as you.