I normally wouldn’t use the Gearhart Archives to jump into a current event,
but yesterday I received an invitation to join a second, newer, Circular Knitting Machine discussion group. The original 2002 group is at:


And, the newer 2005 group is at:


Both groups have a sizable number of members and activity. The sockknittingmachines group has over 1500 members and averages about 270 posts per month. The sockknittingmachinefriends group has over 700 members and averages about 280 posts per month. Of course, based on over one hundred twenty years of knitting machine history, the presence of discussion groups are recent blips on the timeline. Nevertheless, they are very welcome blips.

At first glance, I can’t see much difference between the two groups other than the bias of the sponsors towards certain machine manufacturers. Its not a very ethical practice in my opinion, which simply mean that I don’t think manufacturers should be sponsoring public discussion groups labeled as general discussion groups. At any rate, both groups have a considerable amount of information about the Gearhart Knitting Machine. So, as time permits, I’ll go through the postings in both groups to see if I can find some nice bits of history, and will devote an article to my findings.